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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have problems registering online?

Contact us at

Do I have to be part of "a couple" to be in this event?

Absolutely not! Couples Triathlon is for everyone. The Couples name refers to the unique format. Participants sign up in teams of two, whether they be friends, spouses, "a couple", or relatives. They each complete the full distance as individuals and then their ages and total times are combined for the overall results. One may also participate as an individual.

Are their age requirements?

The minimum age to participate in this event is 12 yrs.

Can beginners do this event?

Yes! Couples Triathlon is a great event for beginners and experienced athletes.

Why do I need to be a member of USAT or buy a one-day license and what does that insurance cover?

Please visit the following website for information:

What do I need to bring to packet pickup?

Bring a current photo ID and your USAT card (if you did not sign up for a one-day license online during the registration process). If you still need a USAT license, you can purchase a one-day or annual license at packet pickup.

Can I pick up a packet for another participant or family member?

No. USAT rules require each participant to show photo ID while picking up their own packet.

How can I be sure that I'm registered?

First, you should receive a confirmation email from also allows you to log into your account to view past registrations.

Are there relays?


Is there a Clydesdale or Athena category?

No, just the Rookie, Veteran, and Open categories.

What's the swim like?

The swim is open water and a small triangle course in Decker Lake. Participants will start in waist deep water. We have lots of lifeguards, EMTs, and a dive rescue team there to help, plus you are never far from shore.

Will wetsuits be legal?

No. The water is too warm for wetsuits to be used at this event.

This is my first triathlon. Where can I buy my equipment? How should I train?

If you live near the Austin area, visit Jack & Adam's Bicycles, our official bicycle sponsor. They offer special package deals that include a bike, as well as all the gear you will need to complete your first race. Also, visit their website to find out information about free workouts and training groups.

What kind of equipment do I need to do a race?

There are a few bare essentials that you need to do a race. You will need a bike (anything that is road worthy will do. No need to have a high tech racing bike for your first triathlon), you must have an ANSI/Snell/CSA certified bike helmet (all bike helmets sold today are certified), you probably want goggles for the swim, you need a swim suit, running shoes of some kind, cycling shoes if you have clipless pedals on your bike. That's the bare minimum, really. You may want a hat for the run, sunglasses for the bike and run, a water bottle or two on the bike is a good idea as well. After that, things like wetsuits, fancy wheels for your bike, racing flats to run in, etc. are all extras.

Do I need a tri bike or other special bike to do the race?

No. Any type of bike is ok as long as it passes USAT safety inspection standards.

Is there a place to get my bike inspected before race day?

Free bike inspection will be available at Jack & Adams Bicycle Shop anytime during the week prior to the race.

What if I forget a key piece of equipment on race day (i.e. bike helmet, googles, etc.)?

A limited amount of extra equipment will be available on race day for emergencies. Ask a volunteer in the transition area to help you.

Where do I go on race morning?

First, you will take your bike and all other equipment to the transition area. Upon entering transition, you will be body marked with your race number.

What can I do if I get a flat tire or have a mechanical problem with my bike?

Bike mechanics will have a tent set up in transition to help with minor mechanical repairs and flat tires before the race. If you have a problem with your bike during the race, SAG vehicles will be monitoring the course and will be there to assist you.

Will I receive a swim cap in my race packet, or do I need to purchase one?

Yes, you will receive a colored swim cap according to your swim wave in your race packet.

Who do I contact to update my registration information?

Send an email to to update or change any registration information.

Where can I purchase photos from the race?

Race photography is provided by Kruetz Photography. Photos are generally available 2-3 weeks after the race. You should receive an email notification when they are ready for viewing.

Will my results be available online following the race?

Results are provided by Run Far Racing Services and will be posted at immediately following the event.

What are the rules?

This event will follow USAT rules. You may view the full list of rules at